Bronze partner

Our goal is to simplify the work of developers and operations who have some unbelievable challenges ahead.

Cycloid team works on three connected activities:

  • we develop a DevOps platform integrating a continuous integration, continuous delivery container pipeline to decrease time to market, time to delivery
  • we provide services on AWS as your DevOps team: Design / Audit / Build / Migrate / Managed Services or DevOps As A Service on Slack
  • we co-develop Cloud / Container-ready app on your app or bootstrap a new project with your team to ramp up their skills on VueJS for the Frontend, Go for the backend and get the best practices on Cycloid / Ansible / Docker / Microservices / CI/CD / AWS.

Our purpose: we want you to focus on what matters for you: focus on code for developers to develop new features, manage infra as code for operations and answer the fastest to market needs for executive people.

We have been elected "Best start up 2017" Cloud Trophee by Eurocloud.