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At leboncoin, we help France exchange goods

Almost everyone in France knows leboncoin. In fact, a third of the French population visits our site and mobile apps monthly to exchange goods or services. We are the clear leader in France for classified advertising in real estate, jobs, vehicles and many other categories. We are proud that leboncoin helps all kinds of people of all ages trade goods, including many that were underserved by other offers that existed when we started eleven years ago.

Some relevant figures about leboncoin:

  • 4th most popular website in France, after Google, Facebook and Wikipedia
  • 1 million new ads every day
  • 26 million monthly unique visitors
  • 100 million goods exchanged in 2016
  • 32 million of them would have been thrown away in the absence of leboncoin
  • 21 billion euros worth of goods sold through leboncoin in 2016 (estimated - excluding real estate)

Yes, that much! If you want to know more about our impact in France, checkout this study we’ve commissioned earlier this year (in French): https://goo.gl/AdyvUc.

leboncoin and Go

Technologies on the backend side are mostly on Go, PostgreSQL, Redis, Kafka, and Docker, with other colleagues using Puppet, Ansible, Datadog, PHP, Java, React, Swift (we even have a few Raspberry Pi boards in our basement to monitor tests on mobile devices).

Our journey with Go started a couple of years ago, with a microservice architecture. A fairly natural transition from our roots in C, it has been a great platform for us so far. We also love its no-nonsense approach to strong typing and coding style.

There are about 20 developers working in the backend team and we want to hire more!

Yes, we're hiring!

We are a friendly, pragmatic bunch and we are looking for new colleagues! Like you, we come from a diverse technical background: some were into embedded systems in C, others are from the Java world, others from security services in Python. Some of us are former astrophysicists or military members. Some brew their own beer, or are rather demanding when it comes to tea or coffee (it’s good we have a professional espresso machine).. Others organize coding sessions for kids, talk at conferences, watch cult movies, share their children’s pictures, run, hack single boards, or enjoy silly animated GIFs.

We recently moved to our new lovely offices close to eight métro and RER lines, plus many TGV and intercity lines at Gare du Nord and Gare de l’Est. We’re surrounded by a wide variety of bars, restaurants, theatres, startups (some within our own offices). We’re pretty sure you’ll like working here :-)

Back-End Engineer

You are not really into hipster programming languages. Instead, you take pride in delivering services that will handle our many users, in a code base that is easy to maintain and evolve. You love replacing dusty legacy hacks with something that will take us through the next ten years. If that sounds like you, we’d love to talk.

Responsibilities of the backend team include processing financial transactions, storing and indexing classified ads, and authenticating users. In general, we oversee the core data for the website, and our services must work both for site users and for internal back-office tools.

  • We are very much a Linux shop, both in production and while coding; some of us use Macs, though
  • Some knowledge of Go is a strong plus, but don’t let that stop you; we routinely train new hires
  • Experience with designing HTTP APIs would be great
  • We like PostgresQL, although we do experiment with NoSQL databases as well
  • Acceptable written and spoken English is definitely useful for interacting with our colleagues in other European countries
  • Some knowledge of French might help, although that’s not a strong requirement
  • You must be comfortable with practices such as testing, code reviews, continuous integration, etc.
  • We love people with experience in languages that are not derived from C such as Python, Haskell, Lua, Lisp, etc.

Other roles

We are also looking for:

  • web developers
  • developers on mobile platforms
  • front-end API developers
  • data engineers
  • SREs

Check out the links below!

Learn more about leboncoin here (in French): https://corporate.leboncoin.fr/
For all our job offers, see (in French): https://recrutement.leboncoin.fr/