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At Witbe, we believe that quality of experience matters

Leading innovation in the QoE industry, Witbe offers an award-winning approach to monitor the Quality of Experience actually being delivered to the end-users of any interactive service, on any device, and over any type of network. Combining hardware and software, Witbe’s state-of-the-art technologies have already been adopted by over 300 clients in 45 countries. Telecom operators, broadcasters, app developers: all rely on Witbe to improve the experience they offer to their customers. Founded in 2000, Witbe has offices in Paris, New York, Denver, Montreal and Singapore. Witbe is a public company listed on Euronext Growth (ALTWIT.PA).

With the growth and spread of devices and IP services, the Quality of Experience for the End-User is far from being perfect (frozen and blurry videos, applications blocked, disconnected calls, and unavailable services). And if users are not satisfied with their services, they switch to competitors. Services providers (Operators, Broadcasters, etc.) are expected to deliver flawless services. It is in their best interests to keep their users happy. To do so, and to make sure they give the best Quality of Experience to their End-Users, services providers want to be warned when and where their services do not work. That’s where Witbe comes into play.

Witbe has developed an approach based on Robots replicating users’ behaviors, 24/7: watching a video on demand on a tablet, logging in on a bank account, giving calls from a smartphone, etc. Witbe Robots can proactively detect in real time any service degradation, thus allowing services providers to improve their customers’ experience and satisfaction.

This is why, for 17 years, Witbe has been developing technologies that are now used by hundreds of our customers worldwide. We monitor the Quality of Experience (QoE) delivered to the End-Users of any interactive service (telephony, video, Web, etc.), on any device (PC, smartphone, STB, etc.) and over any type of network (fixed, mobile, OTT, etc.).

Witbe and dotGo

Witbe is proud to be a partner for this conference. Technology is a major focus for us. One third of our employees are working in the R&D department: attending and sponsoring this event seemed more than logical for Witbe.

We're hiring

Don’t hesitate to come talk to us between conferences! We’re always happy to meet new developers. On top of that, we’re hiring! New York, Paris, Montreal, Denver: we have multiple openings in our locations.

Check out our website or feel free to send us your resume at [email protected].