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This year, the conference takes place in the beautiful Théâtre de Paris.


Théâtre de Paris
15 Rue Blanche
75009 Paris


The best way to get to the conference is to use public transportation. Tickets ("ticket t+") cost ~2€ each and can be used for metro, bus and tram.

🚇 Metro
  • Metro 12Trinité
  • Metro 2Blanche
  • Metro 13Liège
  • Metro 3Metro 14Saint-Lazare
🚌 Bus
  • Bus 68
  • Bus 74
🚲 Vélib’ (bike sharing)

Paris has a bike sharing program. This service requires a credit card. You can rent 1 bike per credit card. More info at

🚗 Car

We strongly advise you not to come by car. If you have to, the closest car park are at 12 rue Jean Baptiste Pigalle or 29 rue de Londres, 75009 Paris.

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Théâtre de Paris stage
Théâtre de Paris